Christmas Market 2018

On Saturday, 8th December, the Hanova community participated in its annual Christmas Market. The day began with a variety of holiday crafts and activities along with vendors and market stalls from businesses in the Xi’an community. Lunch included a wonderful menu from Xian’s hotels and restaurants! At 1:00pm, to finish the day, our PYP students performed the Winter Concert.

PYP Winter Concert 2018

On Saturday, 8th December, our PYP students and teachers presented a Winter Concert to the Hanova Community! The program followed a tour on the “Hanova Express” where every stop is a wonder. Each of the classes performed songs, dramatic readings and stories that brought a great deal of holiday cheer to the packed auditorium!

Halloween celebration 2018

On Wednesday, 31st October, the Hanova’s staff, students and parents celebrated Halloween with a costume parade, special decorations, candy & treats, crafts and games!  Our primary students paraded through the classrooms in the morning showing off their costumes and being rewarded with treats.  The secondary students finished the day with a special assembly to give “best costume” awards and play games together.

International Day 2018

On Friday, 26th October, our staff, students and parents participated in Hanova’s annual International Day to celebrate our school’s cultural diversity!  The celebration began with a flag parade.  Groups of teachers and students proudly carried their nation’s flags around the football field.  The day continued with crafts, activities and games from various cultures and a wonderful international lunch!

Primary ‘Reading Buddies’

On Friday, 24th August, our Primary students participated in “Reading Buddies” – an activity designed to foster a love for reading while connecting younger and older students.  Upper primary students read with early years students in various locations around the school.  It was a great time for all of the students to get to know each other and read books!